Designer Chocolate Maker

Chocolate maker and designer of chocolates that are personalized thanks to a specific molding process enabling the reproduction of your logos, texts and pictures in white chocolate in relief on dark chocolate.

The creation of your personalized boxes is tailor-made from 100 pieces.

Your chocolate boxes are thought and developed according to your needs and to your budget.

We can work on any special packaging and chocolate project

100% made in France, Pays de la Loire.

    Lines of work integrated in-house :
    • Creation (integrated studio + plotting)

    • Making of the chocolate and its molds
    • Shaping of the cardboard
    • Hot Stamping • Embossing • Screen Printing
    • Making of the Thermoforming and its molds

    • Shaping • Pasting • Edge Turning...

    • Assembled boxes

    • Dispatching


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